Where do we start?
Listening to the the sisters, we can hear how naive and really young in intelligence they are. They seemed to be echoing what they’re been taught, to forgive BY THEIR PARENT!
They said they didn’t even know at their young age of 9 and 12 that Josh’s touching of them was wrong until their parents told them. They claimed to be young and at 9 and 12, they didn’t understand a crime had happened. It was IMPROPER TOUCHING that was explained to them.
The shame they feel now for the tabloid thousand time worse?than actually the crime? Fox news is now making it more on the release of the crime. Even though underage victims are involved, it should be about Josh. He did not do this interview. His sisters said, they had chosen to make the record right. They couldn’t shut up and let Josh make it right. What had they explained that made the story right? People can and will continue to speculate. They keep putting themselves out there for us to talk about.
Megyn Kelly, after the interview ignored the argument of the other day and agreed by her why the release did happened. Now she claiming again it shouldn抰 be released!
The girls said, they are not a T.V family but a family on T.V. WHAT!!! Their show has been on since 2008, 7 Years. Even Dallas was on for only 3. I love Lucy was on 1951-1957.
They keep using religion as forgiveness so don’t they understand what is happening to them is God抯 will. The Duggard still don’t get it!!